MetOC Championships 2016 – Sprint Results and Splits 2016 都會定向會錦標賽 – 短距離賽 成績及分段時間

Overall results 總成績 (pdf):
Split analysis 分段時間分析 (pdf):
Results sorted into ranking and non-ranking 聯賽/非聯賽組別成績 (xls):

More photos at 相簿:

Please give us feedback on the event so we can do better 意見調查表:

MetOC Championships 2016 – Long distance will be held in late October – mid November. Exact date and venue will be announced once it’s approved by OAHK. Stay tuned!
都會定向會錦標賽 2016 – 長距離賽 將於十月尾至十一月中舉行。確實日期及地點有待香港定向總會批核後公佈。密切留意!


都會定向會定向錦標賽2016 (短距離賽) @九龍公園

2016/03/25 (耶穌受難日 Good Friday)Metoc 325 Poster
都會定向會定向錦標賽2016 (短距離賽) @九龍公園
MetOC Championships 2016 (Sprint) @Kowloon Park

報名及詳情 Entry and Details
章程 Prospectus
截止報名 Entry deadline: 12/3/2016

報名名單 Entry list (截止報名時為準 as at cutoff of entries)

賽員須知 Event information
出發名單 Start list

總成績 Overall results 
分段時間分析 Split analysis
聯賽/非聯賽組別成績 Results sorted into ranking and non-ranking

相簿 Photo album
頒獎典禮 Prize ceremony
賽程分析 Course analysis
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2016 都會定向會錦標賽 – 短距離 賽員須知及出發名單

MetOC Championships 2016 Sprint Event – Kowloon Park
「2016年都會定向會錦標賽」短距離賽 – 九龍公園
Event Information 賽員須知:…

Start List 出發名單:…

對出發名單上資料有問題的賽員,請在 22/3/2016或之前用電郵聯絡我們,逾期將不作更改。
For any inquiry on the information on startlist, please email us by 2016/3/22. There will be no further amendment after the due date.

2016 都會定向會錦標賽 – 短距離 報名已經截止 Entry closed for MetOC Championships 2016 – Sprint

2016 都會定向會錦標賽 – 短距離 暨 香港定向排名錦標賽 (短距離) 報名已經截止。多謝各位支持,我哋今次有接近450個參賽者! 請檢查報名名單,有問題嘅話請喺星期三或之前通知,唔該哂!

Entry to MetOC Championships 2016 – Sprint cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking Event (Sprint) is now closed. Thanks for your support – we have nearly 450 runners this time! Please check the entry list and inform us any modifications by Wednesday, thank you!